My collection of Norway Photos is very special to me because they recall wonderful memories of a trip of a lifetime.

Norway is a kingdom in northern Europe. It is renowned for its fjords, mountains and mountain trolls.

Midnight sun near Bodo
Midnight sun near Bodo

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Quote from my diary

The following is a quote from my diary for 29th June 2017 …

“It’s quarter to midnight and I’m standing alone on a pebble beach at the head of an inlet/bay on the west shore of Porsangenfjord in the far north of Norway. People in the few other motorhomes here seem to be abed and it is extremely quiet. The oppressive silence is painful, almost, on my eardrums. The crystal-clear air renders each incredible feature of this awesome landscape, in vivid detail, into these tired, old eyes of mine.

The Ytre Svartvikka bay is almost wholly enveloped with steep-sided mountains. Rays of the midnight sun strike the top of a craggy cliff-side on the south side of the bay. Reindeer are peacefully grazing on the meagre vegetation along the shoreline – and I feel a profound peace.

Darkness will not descend tonight. Out over the steely waters of Porsangenfjord, majestic clouds hold the ghostly light of the midnight sun.

I am awestruck!”

Stunning Scenery

Stunning scenery is a predominant feature of driving through Norway. Because there is so much of it it almost becomes commonplace. But then the road dives into a tunnel under the sea and serious concentration becomes the order of the day. The struggle to see the way with few overhead lights, rough-hewn tunnel roof and walls becomes exciting when blazing headlights of a timber-carrying truck come screaming towards you! Perhaps I closed my eyes, for Winni the motorhome found her way through.

The awesome journey from the very northern most point of Norway, Nordkapp, south along the west coast takes you over mountain passes, through dark tunnels, over the deep waters of many fjords by ferry and unbelievable bridges.

My prize for completing this journey of a lifetime is this collection of Norway Photos.

Home or Office Decor

Many of the Norway Photos would make stunning additions to the walls of your home or office.

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