Les Hutton explains about the photos and galleries
Les Hutton in Norway

About the photos explains how to use the photo galleries to best advantage. Many of Les Hutton Photography photos are available to buy and download – others are there just to delight the eye!

Selecting a Gallery to View

To select a gallery of photos you are interested in – for example NORWAY PHOTOS – use the menus..

The main menu, where space allows, for example if you are visiting from a laptop or desktop computer, is in the left column and repeated on the top bar. Otherwise tap the three bars on the heading block. Either way, clicking or tapping an item – for example NORWAY PHOTOS – will take you to the photo page.

There you will be able to …

View Individual Photos

Each photo gallery page has preview images of all the photos in that gallery. You may have to scroll down a little to find them – but they are there! Click or tap a preview image to view the individual photo in the lightbox.

Lightbox Controls

The lightbox is used to view individual photos in the gallery.

  • Left/right arrows at either side of the photo will show the previous or next photo. Swiping on a mobile will have the same effect.
  • Triangle icon at bottom left of the screen will start a slideshow of all the images in the gallery. Toggle to start or pause the slideshow.
  • The “i” icon at bottom left of the screen will display the title and caption of the individual photo. Included at the end of each caption is the resolution of the photo in pixels. For example 2592 x 3872.
  • Shopping trolley icon will display the buying options for the individual photo.
  • Down arrow above the row of thumbnails at the bottom of screen will hide the thumbnails giving a larger view of the photo.
Buying Options

The shopping cart displays the various optional formats and prices of the photo. There are buttons to …

  • add the required format to your shopping cart.
  • add to or update your shopping cart.
  • view your cart and checkout.
Checkout using Paypal

If you do not have a Paypal account, or don’t wish to use your Paypal account you will find the option to pay by debit/credit card on the Paypal page. Just follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction.

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